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Wig Construction

Hair Eye Am Beautybar boasts one of the finest collections of premium wigs in the area. We hold a vast repertoire of natural and synthetic hair wigs in every style, length, color, and texture you can imagine.

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How Wigs Are Constructed

When you’re looking to purchase a new wig, there are several features to research before you make your decision. Wig construction is one such feature, and there is a veritable quagmire of available information to sift through with it comes to different types of wig construction.

Wig construction is mostly as straightforward as it sounds. Any wig has two main parts: the foundation (or cap) and the hair. A wig foundation is essentially the base material of a wig that is head-shaped. This foundation is what comes into contact with the wearer’s head and is usually held in place with a pin or a different form of attachment. The hair itself is sewn, glued, or machine-attached to the foundation.

Let’s take a deep dive into the types of wig construction that you could choose from:

Monofilament Wigs

Monofilament wigs have two major pros: their authentic look and versatility. These wigs use a sheer polyester or soft nylon mesh for the foundation so that your natural scalp shows through. Hairs are segmented and hand-tied individually to a part of the foundation, resembling the original hair. These wigs use a lightweight material for their foundation to ensure breathability for your scalp and avoid the dreaded irritability of being weighed down by the wig.

Lace Front Wigs

These are one of the most authentic-looking constructions that exist. When your wig has a sheer lace front, you’ll obtain an organic hairline look without having to worry about a visible wig edge. Lace front wigs are the ideal choice if you suffer from hair loss along your hairline.

Hand-Tied Wigs

These wigs have been manufactured with both human hair and synthetic hair. Each hair strand is sewn separately onto the cap, utilizing a special hand-knotting technique. Hand-tied wigs are time-consuming, taking up to three days to construct by the wig maker. However, this intensive process renders a natural design preferable for most.

Wefted Wigs

Also known as open cap wigs, these are the most popular type of wig at Hair Eye Am Beautybar. Created from wefts of synthetic or human hair in a cap with an open construction, they’re lightweight and wallet-friendly.

Hair Eye Am Beautybar Is the Top Name in Wigs

When it comes to long-term wear, you need to be careful about selecting the type of wig that works for your needs, goals, and lifestyle. Ultimately, you should understand the construction of your wig and how the process affects the wig’s function and appearance.

Hair Eye Am Beautybar is well-versed with all things wigs and can curate the perfect wig for you. Don’t let your next wig purchase become an ordeal—contact us at (407) 878-9166, and we’ll take the burden off your shoulders.

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